Saturday, June 30, 2007

The one, the only, Billy Miller on WFMU yesterday...

Stranded... in Edinburgh - I put this together some time ago and it needs to be updated but what the hey, Pablo just done put it up on the interweb anyway. If anybody out there has any tips for the update then let's be 'avin 'em... Looking to put together a Glasgow versh also maybe.


luxivyig1 said...

Hey Lindsay,

Thanx for the link to Biller miller djaying for WFMU. What a great selection !

Also, my son recognized Edinburgh from some of your photos, the lucky guy went there, but not me yet. Pretty cool description / teaser of the city. I'll have to come there one day.


Anonymous said...

A couple of Edinburgh updates to this report.
The Left Bank is now called Octopus Diamond and is a great venue with interesting shows nearly every night.
Cabaret Voltaire is probably the most happening club in edinburgh for rock.
I think the Venue is closed?
Great pubs for me are the Malt Shovel and The Villager.
The best music guide is in the paper The Skinny

Lindsay Hutton said...

Thanks very much for that, yeah Cabaret Voltaire is a great space that's sort of replaced the unfortunate closure of The Venue.

Anonymous said...

fopp no more, the original avalanche no more, wheatsheaf no more, venue no more

on the plus side henrys cellar bar is for me the best venue in Edinburgh, great sound (on a budget of tuppence ha'p'ny), the 3 tuns seems to be taking the music side more seriously with a few decent low key promoters utilising it and the tron is allegedly investing in a new pa. The bongo club also has good sound and is a nice pretty big space. Theres a good venue at marcos called the exchange that could have easily stepped in to take the bands that would've gone to the venue, but its woefully mismanaged. Ego on picardy place is a great place with a great sound system, somewhat underutilised at the moment, but the potential is there for big things - check the vivians playing there here

heres some footage of the bongo club and henrys with the vivians and recent glastonbury headliners the Ripps