Sunday, March 04, 2007

Roky Erickson to tour Europe?

These dates are rumored to be confirmed:

06/16 - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden
07/05 - Roskilde Festival, Sweden
07/06 - Ruisrock, Finland
08/11 - Oya Festival, Norway

Somewhat closer to home would be nice tho'...

Anybody got more info on this?


Anonymous said...

Things are looking good, since a couple of the dates are on the official festival websites now. Original info came from one of the Explosives I believe, so hopefully all gonna happen! This may be as close as he comes!

Jeroen Vedder said...

So are all these shows outdoor festivals, or is there any chance seein' him under a roof?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ideally he's gonna do an indoor gig, just him, and not some crappy festival. However, if festivals is all it is, then still way better than nothing!
Oya seems best bet for size, ease of getting to etc.
Roky is about the only one of my all-time faves I've never seen, so it's gonna be great!