Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stewart Cruickshank remembers George Gallacher

For many, the dapper and enduring singer with The Poets. For many more, a man of principle, a family man, a natural-born teacher, friend and philosopher. For me, at 13, the man who, in 1964, sang the eerily beautiful "Now We're Thru'", the beginning of a life-long adventure in reverberation.

Beyond beat music and into another realm: George Gallacher.

I loved George, I worked in music with George. He and Fraser sang at my 50th birthday 'do'.

The application of eloquence and economy in language: George Gallacher.

Not for nothing did Andrew Loog Oldham sign The Poets.

Not for nothing did Partick Thistle win 3-0 on Saturday 25/08/2012.


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