Monday, October 04, 2010

That Madrid report took it out of me. Needed to do it justice but shards keep coming back. I’m discombobulated. Can’t believe it’s been a week since I was out there because the memories are still burning pretty bright as opposed to some other sensibilities.

My thanks to Helena at the fantabulous Wurlitzer for getting back to me to say that the band that opened for them Twisteroos goes by the name of Suann. They were damn good, with a singer that really smoulders. A little different from yer average blues-rock combo.

There’ll be some music reviews or at least tips at some point. Like I said before, it’s not always going to be possible for me to update this every day right now. Not because I don’t want to but I just feel sort of worn down with it all. In addition, I’m trying to get through on the phone to two major companies. All I get is this automated button pressing bullshit and I’m not a happy camper.

I want to be where my homies are at!? Stamps feet several times, no clicking of heels.

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