Sunday, July 04, 2010

Wishing all our friends across the big puddle and wherever, a damn fine Dave Alvin Day to y'all... (I never saw this before, thanks to Ralph for posting it on facebook.)

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Benjamin said...

Got to see The Blasters -- with Dave! -- do this for the last song last night (second encore). Was truly a beautiful, awe-inspiring moment. Dave did lead vox, then he and Phil sang the chorus for the end (coda?). Really amazing night, Lindsay. Wish you could've been there. There's one video on YouTube for 'Trouble Bound' right now. I initially had to wait for about 30 min in line and missed the first couple of songs (was able to hear 'em, since I was standing near where the video was shot). They played for nearly two hours straight, starting with the current Blasters line-up for 6-10 songs. Dave then joined them from there onwards. Billy Boy Arnold came up and did a few songs with 'em too (Ain't Got You, Wish You Would, and I think something else...). When Dave joined, Keith stayed and played the whole time too, trading leads and licks. I was surprised but totally happy that Dave didn't insist on being the lead/main guitar for the show -- he was more than willing to let Keith do leads too. A lot like a jazz or blues band playing, one would solo, then the other would take his turn when the time was right. It was Lee Allen's birthday on the 2nd, apparently too -- Phil dedicated 'So Long Baby Goodbye' to him and let us all know 'bout Lee's bday. Easy to say this ranks among the top live performances I've ever seen.