Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's been a spartan week blogwise. By the time I dragged my carcass into work and back again the energy level was lacking somewhat. The city limits of what passes for normality are being approached and things should be picking up. I say picking up but what I mean is that I'm not sure that the lost time can be regained. I'm thinking more of a line in the sand kind of deal. Anyway, we'll see.

Look forward to meeting Michael McCarthy today for a toddle around Auld Reekie. His film "Cigarette Girl" is playing at the Edinburgh Film Festival and I urge anybody who can - to get down to the Filmhouse on Tuesday night at 9.15pm.

Here's the trailer in case you missed it on previous postings.

And a wee story about it by Brother Joss who is heading north with Nadia to make the scene. It'll be a stoatir and I can almost guarantee that Sean Connery will not be there but you never can tell.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth - I need to clean up and return a lawnmower...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody love it,Mike You are fun to watch.I am in love with the Daughter of Hellviss.Hahahaha,Hope to see You upon return from Eddi.