Sunday, March 21, 2010

The very latest instalment of de-clutter is that of some signed Wild Horses photos. This was a band formed by Brian Robertson and Jimmy Bain after they’d just left Thin Lizzy and Rainbow respectively. They played Grangemouth Town Hall sometime in 1978 and Brian Guthrie and I co-promoted that. It was the show that put me off putting on gigs because the turnout – despite the profile of the individuals – was dismal if I recall. I imagine that Brian would be able to tell you who the other bands were and maybe even the set.

Anyway, I discovered a facebook page dedicated to them yesterday and put the wheels in motion for the items in question to canter off to be with folks that might like ‘em. They’ve been stored in a box for 30+ years and will be released into the “wild” very soon.

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