Sunday, March 28, 2010

It’s “British Summer Time” kids! Rejoice and look out that swimming cossie. If I go out today, I expect to see water beds on legs soaking up the rays. And there are rays at the moment strangely although snow is forecast at “low levels” next week. I guess this is just ahead of the UK closing for business over the Easter break and beyond. The greed of mainstream politics has broken the populace. If one of the karaoke singers from one of these TV shows was to stand as prime minister then they’d probably win. After all, they get much more attention.

The playground antics of our choices to run the country are frankly a bit worrying. Katie Price must be in with a shout. Ever since David Sutch passed on there hasn’t been a viable alternative because I reckon that neither Rory Bremner nor Armando Iannucci would feel comfortable with just how far-fetched supposed reality has become.

There was just a news item on about some “curriculum for excellence” being introduced to the education system here in Scotchland. If anything is guaranteed to raise my hackles it’s the use of the word “excellence”. It’s my belief that such a beastie should be the norm. As soon as the idiots start using the label then you can be sure that “below average” would be more like the outcome. In these times of jumping through hoops and (grimace) “ticking boxes”, actual excellence (in Bill and Ted terms) is a fallacy. Meanwhile “be excellent to one another” and don’t be surprised by just how far down the food chain that Britain will end up over the next few months.

Overseas readers, come visit, fill your boots before the lights go out altogether and there’s no way of getting about this shithole of a country.

On a lighter note, some things you may care to partake of...

The new Dig It! Has the JJR on the cover. You know what I think of them and the mag, as always has the scoop on all the latest r&r action from all over.

The latest release from Red Star Digital is Go!

Robert Barry Francos continues to raid the Ffanzeen vaults with this Gun Club piece from 1983.

Some fresh air is in order, I’ve already done my ironing and having posted this, am heading out of doors. I may be some time and might just keep walking...

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