Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday (28th February) sees the Monorail Film Club do the Glasgow Film Festival thing. It's a year since "The Wrecking Crew"? Good grief. From the programme...

The Delian Mode/Dope at GFT, Glasgow - 4pm
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"Shot in a lilting, evocative style by filmmakers Sheldon and Diane Rochlin (now Flame Schon), Dope was praised as a film “ahead of its time” by Ricky Leacock. It works as a magnifying glass into the swinging London drug scene of the ‘60s with a great soundtrack mixed by Mark Dichter and includes rare footage of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Beautiful as well as chilling, Dope melds shots of that inbetween realm - the fragile edges of reality and dream, order and chaos, inertia and motion-reflecting transience, mortality and impermanence. Dope will be preceded by Kara Blake’s The Delian Mode (25 minutes) a fascinating documentary on Delia Derbyshire, the pioneering composer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop innovator who realised the original “Doctor Who” theme and whose influence today is stronger than ever.

This event will be introduced by John Cavanagh, broadcaster, musician and friend of the late Delia Derbyshire."

Inset: Dope (from GFF website)

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