Thursday, February 04, 2010

As I get ready to turn this blighter off for the night, I recall last February 4th very well. Duglas Bandit called me around 11pm and asked if I'd heard what happened. At that point I hadn't but set out immediately on a mission to prove that it wasn't true. As you know, that mission failed miserably and as it turned out, this time it wasn't a rumour or a mean-spirited lie. So yeah, I've been thinking of this post-Lux world a lot today. Life has gone on of course but it's hardly the same. I'm going to watch TIN4 and I'm not answering the phone. Not tonight.


Patrick said...

Sean is the best, as well as Kogar

alan said...

Lucky get, dvd wise, that's what I'm thinking, yon artwork is truly fantastic too.

Praise be and RIP.