Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm hoping that I've got the wrong end of the stick here, but I have reason to believe that Sébastien Favre passed away last night.

A little earlier, I was thinking that I should plug his show with The Zeros that is scheduled for Paris tonight. I've got a note out to Brother Patrick and will report back in due course.

Update @ 6pm

RIP - Sébastien Favre

I’m sad to report that this is indeed true. He had a heart attack whilst going down some stairs apparently. Terrible news. I never met him but enjoyed our correspondence, he was keen to arrange a Wreckless and Amy show. I looked forward to the day we could raise a glass together in Paris along with Brother Patrick who has this to say...

Tribute to a friend

All I can say is that Séb seemed to live the perfect rock’n’roll life and that he enjoyed every minute. A connoisseur of music, blessed with perfect taste. He spent his life globe-trotting, spinning records, he was one of the best dj’s in town, organising the best garage shows in Paris (including The Zeros tonight) .

People who love Séb can feel better, imagining him sharing a bottle of red wine with Lux, somewhere in heaven.

One of a kind and just a wonderful human being. Goodbye Séb.

- Patrick


Anonymous said...

this is unfortunately correct. No medical reasons given yet; french readers can follow this thread:


martin63 said...

That is very sad. I never met Seb but he was a Facebook contact of mine and I always enjoyed his postings. It just goes to show that you never know when your time is up......

Like Patrick says I'm sure he's sharing a few glasses of wine with Lux someplace

Anonymous said...

I met him with Patrick at the Sonics at Paris last month...
All My Prayers to Lux God Monster for his family and friends