Friday, December 11, 2009

Just last night I was talking about Eagleowl and how they're one of the best bands I've seen in recent times. And then I find out that there's a launch for their new single, "Sleep The Winter" tonight in Edinburgh. An instore at Avalanche in Cockburn Street is also on tomorrow evening at 5.30pm. Go to the bands website for all the details and if you're able to go to either then I heartily recommend that notion. The label is Kilter and there's a great press ref on there that accurately describes them. I'm not gonna reproduce it here, go see for yourself.

Logistically, it's unlikely that I'll make either but this is the best "local" act I've come across in quite some time. Hauntingly groovy in every respect. More about the 45 when I get my mitts on the vinyl. And the reason that I may not make it is because of the event below. "A red hot riot of the rages"? Well that remains to be seen but Bubblegum Winter is an ambitious one off event curated by Gary O' Connor of Bubblegum Records that will take place in STEREO tomorrow night. So I have a logistical quandry in addition to the fact that I'm not entirely down with leaving the house at all this weekend. Either which way, extra kudos for ripping off the "Bop Girl" poster. As far as I know, The Goofers will not be making a surprise appearance.

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