Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mick Medew and the Rumours released the 9 song “All Your Love” on the fine I-94 Bar imprint a month or so ago now. The solo on the opener “Spinning Wheel” doesn’t so much blister as totally remove any coating you care to administer. Australian rock is a hardy thing, they can really make it sting and taking a bloody hammer harmonic to the title track was a masterstroke. Remember when bands used to project? Did you ever watch The Hellacopters and wonder just why they weren’t gazzillioplatinum? Then this is for you. Incase you're not of sufficient vintage, Mick was in The Screaming Tribesmen...

Shades of the Hoodoos harder moments with Dictators riffage are given that special antipodean rock action wallop. Unashamedly backdated, everything on here trounces each and every cut on the latest AC/DC record. The one cover, a version of “Another Girl, Another Planet” is very faithful albeit a tad more rip-roaring and come to think of it, didn’t you ever envision Peter Perrett singing “Igloo”? A little of that monolithic Kiss-ish axe-tion never goes awry with me and I’ll take that over Turbowhassname any old day. Ah, the old days when fanzine types would turn very peelly wally at the mention of Simmons and co. I don’t care much for their ethics now but damn those first 4 records are good.

Like The Riverdales, MM and co. are dealing in a commodity that combos with an excel spreadsheet or access to a record collection to plunder will never ever orbit. They have the heart and the soul that will never let ‘em settle for an approximation. It runs even deeper than dna. You can hear it in every lick. Your two favourite kinds of music, kids – rock AND roll – with an extra scoop of the former and packing the spiritual volume to make it count.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome album. I heard it and fell in love with it!