Saturday, May 02, 2009

And them JD King stories just keep on coming... meet "The Gang"!


mxrich said...

Here are a couple of sites that explain how to change appearance by switching templates:
You can find lots of templates for blogger by searching "blogger templates."

What about something girly punk?

This explains how to add music.
(and this, too) (not sure how current it is)

The mast head is part of the template so you need to mess with the template part of your control panel.

Migrating could be rewarding and could also be a lot of work (and unless done properly, you could lose a lot of links and your Google ranking if that matters). Personally, I think your site looks great. The artwork is always so cool that the template doesn't matter much. Wish I could hang, but I've got to synchronize my iTunes library across three hard drives and you know how painful that can be.

mxrich said...

Correctamundo Dept.

This explains how to add music:

and this is your new girly punk layout