Friday, February 20, 2009

This just in from (and also Martin and Jonathan - thanks fellas)

"Sorry folks!
The Rezillos have split up.
We know it's happened before but we're pretty sure it's for real this time.
Thanks for being with us on this manic journey.
We have no idea what happens next –but the world will hear from some of us again!

Update @ 9pm - This is being disputed. As soon as I hear anything conclusive then I'll add it. Possibly not tonight though...

Update @ 5am 21/2 - Incase you never looked at the comments from Bryan Swirsky, he spoke to Jo and Eugene and the band has NOT split. I'll report any developments as I get them.


Patrick said...

I can't help wondering if there's a reltaionship with Lux going outta this world.

Bryan said...

Hi Folks

Cease and desist on this thread. I have to Eugene and Jo and the band have not - repeat: NOT - split up. The Rezillos are moving ahead with their touring plans of Japan and America in 2009. The information you are getting is coming from misinformed sources.

Thanks and spread the word: Rezillos 2009!


Bryan said...

PS please sandwich the word 'spoken' between the words 'to' and 'Eugene'.