Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I had to turn the radio off tonight. These arsehole politicians carping back and forward while we basically head for the U bend. The dawn of "correction" has become like groundhog day. Today, I found out what I would get should one be made redundoid and don't mind telling you, it isn't chuffing much. Can't say I'm worried because it's happening to bigger and better than me every minute of every day but it is a bit pre-occupying though.

With regard to the aforementioned carping, I prefer action to blah. One of these drongos looks like Frankie Howard and the other looks like he just crawled from the furthest reaches of Harry Enfield's Y-fronts drawer. Neither of the dumbasses is up to the job at this point in our collective downfall. There's a big "for sale" sign sticking out of the UK mainland and nobody is buying. There are precious few assets left to strip anyway. So, there could be a new adventure on the horizon. It's unlikely to lead to an increase in blog posts though so you can breathe a sigh of relief on that particular score.

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