Saturday, December 06, 2008

From Randy Haecker in NY...

Hey folks, my buddy Jenny Lens is taking discount pre-orders for her first eBook, and the subject is THE RAMONES. Her eBook will feature over 100 groovy images from the band’s first tour of the West Coast in 1976, most previously unseen by anyone except Jenny! This might very well be the first-ever eBook devoted to rock photography, so be a part of history and pre-order your copy today. You can get a FREE 16-page preview by visting the weblink below.


Ramones First West Coast Tour, 1976, Highlights, V1, the first in a series of eBooks from the Jenny Lens Punk Archive. The ONLY way you will see so many rare and large photos! Limited intro $15 sale. BUY NOW before price goes up!

FREE 16 page book sample eBook download

BUY NOW (or for more info)

HELP SAVE the Jenny Lens Punk Archive! My work has been published more than anyone in LA, very likely in all of punk, 1976-1980, in ALL the numerous major books published the last three years.

With YOUR HELP, the archive and my work can survive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please spread the word!

There's also a Jenny Lens photo book available, I saw it in Spain and I would imagine you can get it via Amazon and that sorta place. Looked very cool.

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