Monday, October 13, 2008

An important note from Tom Phobic. If you can help with any of this contact him here.

You may have caught my earlier post that Mick sadly died recently. If so apologies for duplicity.

I'm trying to contact friends and people who knew him, or of him and asking them just to pass the word around.

For the record (and i know it's a common name too) this Mick started off in Wasted Youth (original london version- not to be confused with dodgy american heavy metal version).

The Bridge House forum are on the case with the east end connections, so big thanks to Terry Murphy and Lee for their input. After that he was in a band called October Revolution who played around the early to mid-80's. Then a few splinter projects here and there leading to The Famous Monsters with Giovanni Dadomo (RIP) me and a few others who already know. I can pick most of it up from there but am trying to get hold a few ex-Monsters who I don't have contacts for.

I will be visiting Mick's Mums today and if she has on old phone book then should be able to fill in more gaps. Here are some blanks - Paul Romane (harp player - lived in forest gate, had a pink cadillac if memory serves me right and a recording studio in his house)

Deptford Andy - rotund erstwhile drummer, but better known as roadie of legendary proportions friend of deptford andy another roadie too.

Our sax player Mike Harris I think.

Lou, Giovanni Dadomo's cousin who produced some of our demos.

Any help gratefully received. No funeral date yet, but will post here when known.



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