Sunday, October 12, 2008

Entering the Swedish album charts on the same week as HS, that Fatboy twang has obviously hit the spot there. Imagine The Mavericks as realised by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. There's an inherent glamour and old-fashioned showbiz, not to mention jazz chops in this 'billy. Chris Isaak is another name that's brought up in conjunction with this Stockholm monster. It's all valid. This is the sound of a big band playing in a lush ballroom in front of the deepest blood red velvet backdrop. Trad by nature but sounding not a jot backdated, these are entertainers with a "fuck you" attitude to their chosen forte. They're doing what feels right and if the requisite goosebumps don't come a-knockin', then that's altogether your problem.

If you miss the oeuvre of Roy Orbison then what these guys do is probably closer to that than we should expect in 2008. Thomas Paregis' voice is uncannily similar to that of the Big O and they've drafted a wealth of guest stars in too, including the Baskery girls.

There's a great, practically orchestral live feel to these recordings. Each of the 11 songs swing outwith the realms of pastiche. "Down At The Room" is undoubtedly the place to be and this music is evidently imprinted in the dna of each and every man in the group. "In Their Bones" might have been a better title but who's quibbling.

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