Monday, October 27, 2008

Crisis? Well, if you ask me, the only way to keep things afloat is to spend, spend, spend.

So, while you're off loading up goods for the common 'cause, I'd like to suggest the following items for your shopping list:

The Olivetti Chronicals rounds up a truckload of material as written by John Peel over the years for various magazines. Suffice to say it's a mandatory purchase, as Peel's way with words wasn't confined to radio only. In print he was equally informed and funny. And my only complaint about this book is that it doesn't include all of his writings...

Coincidence or no, but while reading this book I was listening to a new Undertones 2CD compilation. And before you shrug your shoulders in a "What's new?" gesture, lemme explain that while disc 1 features the familiar, but still stellar stuff we all know and love; disc 2 is all previously unreleased demo and live goodies that 'll make you wet your pants... The crude, crude demo of "I Don't Wanna See You Again" alone, will keep me happy for weeks to come! Fantabulous liner notes by Michael Bradley add up to another must have...

Finally, there's the deluxe editions of the first three Buzzcocks albums... I know Lindsay doesn't rate 'em, but what the heck. I sure like this stuff. Offered with a massive amount of previously unreleased wares, these are the final word on this subject. Liners by Jon Savage, what more could you want?

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