Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Saw a couple of barbs about the individual that penned this "fan letter" on the facedog. Sounded like he was conducting himself as per usual but by way of light relief, i thought I'd dust off this chestnut. I sent a copy of NBT to NME and it was returned torn up with this threatening diatribe. I guess I hit a nerve. His true colour was evident even then in the shitslinging days. Wish I'd kept the whole package. I could have hired it out to a punk rock exhibit in the portals where it was once villified. The punk rock that is. On IPC letterheaded paper but I don't think he was speaking for the company. For an added dimension, I imagine this thin-skinned charlatan reciting it in his comedy English twang. What a gift. The boy looked at ToeKnee, shook his head and kept walking.


Christopher Stigliano said...

I've always wondered...what was it in your magazine that ticked Mr. Burchill off to this point? True he was a general effete twat about most things in his existence, but well...just curious.

Lindsay Hutton said...

Hey Chris... I can't recall exactly. I should have a look. But I really wish I'd kept the artefact intact. That never occurred to me til much later.