Monday, May 07, 2012

The compatibility between the new blogger and my pedal powered PC is, well, let's just call it a strain. On top of everything else the futzing with the facaca formatting is doing my head in.

Never had time to bitch and moan about the new postal rates either. I think the expression "fucking deplorable" might just about cover it. They're really taking the piss. So some consideration with regard to the use of the mail service will have to be considered. Apparently it's reasonable compared to other countries, but hey - they would say that.

Still have to write up the Dave Alvin shows and get to some of these records including The Nomads and Joey Ramone gear. I did manage to finish the Geator book during my latest train journey too so I need to hep you to that also. Eventually. Sometime.

It's the May Day holiday and while I should go out for a wander and grab some supplies, I have no desire to be soaked so maybe later.

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