Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It was a shock to hear that the Lakeside Lounge is to close at the end of this month.

Got the word from Amy (Allison) at the weekend while I was in Newcastle. Talk about the end of an era, this leaves Manitoba’s as the sole beacon down in that slowly vanishing part of NYC. I’m glad that I managed to visit this unique hostelry one last time back in November and wish nothing but good and cool things for the proprietors and bartenders as they bid farewell to this unique space.

For anyone who never got the chance to go there, it was an ideal spot. About as far from fancy as you could hope to get, a sanctuary of sorts with whatever aperitif you felt like and a truly monumental jukebox. Purveyors of spiritual enlightenment in the rock’n’roll sense of such a state. Wish I had some photos from our get together there to share but they’re burned onto my cerebellum and I don’t have a USB to get ‘em from there on to here.

So a huge THANK YOU to Eric and Jim for making such a place possible. We shall never see it’s like again (other than 99 Ave B) in NYC.

However, The Lakeside vibe lives on in Espana however. Let’s all go there and never come back.

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