Saturday, March 03, 2012

I can just about remember when I updated this every day, sometimes several times. It would be very nice to report that the reason for not doing so was because I had found a life below the piles of stuff that are accumulating around me but it simply isn’t so. Dealing with what has to be done when someone pegs it is one thing but doing that in tandem with the ailing health of another parent is simply something we didn’t bargain for. There’s all that to consider whilst everything else goes on.

The urge to just hibernate and come out on the other end having found it was all just a rather unpleasant dream is strong but I have a feeling that it’s not. Tis the bitter chill of reality that bites when you get to my age or “our” age if your folks are exceeding in years and are still around.

Saw First Aid Kit on Monday. Really didn’t feel like going anyplace but they’re really good and a definitive exercise in the pacing of a set/live dynamic. The offset of the percussion/drums really adds an extra dimension and those three can redefine power trio in both a quiet and loud sense. The off mic “Ghost Town” (still their best song in my opinion) was really something. The opener, Samantha Crane, didn’t outstay her welcome and joined FAK onstage for the encore. It was a really good show and I never even mention the Redd Kross style hair tossing here and there.

Today, I might get something done. It’s early though and there’s always a frisson of hope before it all goes splat.

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