Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Yazoo Squelch Audio Society has released Andy Shernoff's "Are You Ready To Rapture". Cub (at least I think that's what it sez) reported A. Dahlmann broke the story during his first night out in NYC where the lucky blighter also caught the man's Lakeside Lounge show with Scott Kempner.

Flipside is an unreleased cut with Joey on the song "Make Me Tremble".

It's available in Europe here. If anyone closer to home needs one then let me know and I'll get them direct from the man himself during Nortonpalooza.


Rocco G said...

Hello Lindsay - I'm Ross and I'm a complete unknown to you but in so many ways I feel like I've known you for a lifetime. It is in fact since sometime in the very early 80's that I've been reading your scribes. I've got a healthy bundle of NBT mags in a tea chest in my garage which bear testimony to my ongoing admiration for your words and raves. And I guess I've been reading this blog for a decade? Or longer? Dunno. Time seems to blur a bit more these days. Anyway, the reason for me to surface at this time is that I've noted your references to attending Nortonpalooza and since I'll be lobbing into NY for the same event I thought I'd put it to you that I'd love to buy you a beer if I spot you there. I'm from Sydney and I'll be arriving in NY on the 9th and will be at all 4 nights of the Norton hoe-down. Bloody excited! Never made a trip to foreign shores specifically for a show before but this ones special. So if you happen to feel a tug at your sleeve at the Bell House it might be me. Cheers,
PS I saw your photo for the first time on your blog when you posted some pics of yourself with Suzy of los Quattros - so hopefully I might recognise you

Lindsay Hutton said...

Ross - thanks man. send me your e-mail address to

best, L