Tuesday, September 06, 2011

So here’s something you won’t want to miss. A super-limited (250 - numbered) slab of scarce live Cramps material that is only up for grabs to members of the Staysick board. It’s like one of those things they advertise on TV as not being available in stores or from anywhere else. So if you want one then you have to line up over there (link down the page a bit).

As if documentary evidence was required, this act provided one of the most comprehensive rock’n’roll visions of any popular music group ever. The fact that they never reached megastardom is moot. They didn’t care. The tail’s raison d'être was never to wag the dog – merely to see justice done. And ultimately to make this world a better place.

So anyway, the folks behind this are continuing what the LOTC wrought back some 25+ years ago. This is their biggest project to date and quite likely their last because the penny has dropped as to just how much effort goes into putting something like this, or the video comp, or – in the olden days – a fanzine and whatever - together. This is for the fans and not to be hawked on any auction sites or any such shennanigans.

What’s on it? Enquire at the desk but don’t be wasting Mondosean’s time or I’ll set Professor Von Bainée about ya.

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