Thursday, August 11, 2011

I was wondering what to post because my head is elsewhere. One of these places is a boat in Stockholm. Anyway, The Chairman literally just sent me this this link. You all love Lola Dutronic right? Well this version of The Fast's classic will rev you up for sure.

LOLA DUTRONIC is an Electronic Pop duo that divides its time between Berlin and Toronto. Vocalist Stephanie B. and producer/composer Richard Citroen combine elements of French Pop, Lounge, Electro, Bond Themes and Euro Disco, often within the same song.

Their latest digital release, “NEW YORK STORIES”, contains 5 cover versions of songs from the fabled CBGB/Max’s era – Suicide’s “CHEREE”, Blondie’s “IN THE SUN”, Johnny Thunders’ “YOU CAN’T PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY”, Alan Vega and Martin Rev’s “KEEP YOUR DREAMS” and the single, “KIDS JUST WANNA DANCE”, originally performed by New York legends THE FAST, written by the late Miki Zone.

More on this when I hear the entire thing...

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Alan said...

Lovely sounds and pictures, thanks.