Friday, April 08, 2011

It seems as though that scare yesterday was just rumour.

Let’s hope that it stays that way. While I’ve no tangible reason to think there’s

a god lately, this is definitely a welcome development. Meanwhile taking a 180° turn to a worthy combo, The Primevals jaunt to punt “Disinhibitor” rolls South this weekend (London The 229 Club and The Hydrant in Brighton) and on to retrace their steps of several moons ago in France. If they’re headed anywhere near you then please make the effort to see them. There’s no way you’ll be disappointed. No expectations or promises for the coming week. That way, no-one (except me) will be disappointed when I fail to use the time off wisely. It would be good if the cycle of futility could be broken but I’m not holding my breath. Or perhaps that’s the solution? A couple of things that I have tried to organise have failed to materialise so business as usual would appear to be the trajectory. There’s always tidying what passes for a garden/drive but only as a final resort.

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