Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One Man Band Blowout!

Eruption - Scotland's premier punk rock'n'roll club - has put together a bill of the world's finest primitive one-man band rockin' combos and is taking them on a mini-tour of Scotland's premier punk rock'n'roll venues.

Kicking off in Glasgow on the 10th September, the show hits Edinburgh's Roxy Art House (Roxburgh Street, just behind the Brass Monkey pub) on Saturday the 11th, and Montrose on Sunday 12th.

Featuring the talents of The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama (who confusingly is actually from Uruguay), The Amazing One Man Band (Brazil), The Ghosts of Progress (Montrose) that describe themselves as a 'One-Man Band + One') and Glasgow's own Charles Randolph Rivers Slim Rhythm Revue (yes, Glasgow), all delivering sets of deconstructed rockabilly and blues in various punkish styles.

Five men. Four bands. Five pounds. If you can't make it to the Roxy, there's a wee taster of the show at Elvis Shakespeare on Leith Walk at 3pm. Why not go to both?!

This is Eruption's first foray into Edinburgh after two years of succesful action on the West coast, and the start of a regular series of gigs by their Auld Reekie branch.

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