Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Never made it to Edinburgh last night because I began to rake for something that I know is here someplace but that obviously doesn't want to reveal itself. Found a whole bunch of other guff though and am gearing up for a big clear out or at least that’s the idea. Haven’t been in much of a sitting down and writing mood this last wee while. The modem incident knocked me out of whack as has several other things. I’m sick of me and somewhat preoccupied with what might rectify that in relation to a daily epistle being something of a chore.

Some good things coming up though if I can just get over the humf. Eric and Amy next week, Madrid the week after and a little less than 24 hours “dahn the London” in early October. It’s the humdrum in between I can’t be arsed with. Deep down, I know I’m lucky to be able to gallivant at all and that I’m my own worst enemy - give or take.

It’s blowing a gale through the canyons of my napper at the minute.