Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mixed fortunes yesterday and the result that I felt fried after I got home so I just turned this thing off. I had the best of intentions too...

Rolled up to the station to catch the minute from noon train as I'm prone to do. Thought nothing of it. Managed to get on but only just. Surely all these people aren't going to see the "Gainsbourg" movie, I thought? And this might all seem light hearted now but it was a fucking nightmare. I'm pretty sure it was way over capacity - maybe not in indian terms - but certainly for here. Where are the health and safety zealots when you need them? OF COURSE, nowhere to be seen.

Anyway, the journey was hell. Spent ticking like a time bomb. I was thinking, what must visitors to this pathetic country think? Such a rinky-dink transport system and anything but even quaint. Getting off at Haymarket and ambling up toward the Cameo was quiet. That part of town isn't affected by the scumhordes. At the cinema, I thought that I was to have the place to myself but 3 other people came in. Still, not bad to have such a big space realtively unscathed. And you don't get pond life in there anyway, that's why it's a pleasure.

Dug the film and the two hours passed quickly. No one who has an interest in it's subject will be disappointed. It is a little peculiar though and the question of the music is largely dealt with in terms of the soundtrack.

From there, I headed down to try and pick up my Neu ticket but can't do so until the night so that was a bust. From there to the Book Festival location and that was totally chocka too so headed for the high street where it took a lifetime to go the distance of something like a block. there were that many people rammed in to see the poxy street theatre bollocks that I'm surprised there wasn't an incident. The tourist fleecing was in full swing. Couldn't really do what I set out to do up there so in relative defeat and bealing with anger, I went for the train home.

This wasn't quite so sardine-like but full of noisy bastards. Why does travelling have to be an ordeal. Even such a short distance? It's true, I could drive but that's even worse. Actually that's a misnomer because you can't "drive" anywhere once you get into town. It was with equal relief of getting off the train earlier that I arrived in Polmont wanting nothing but to get as far away from these trolls as possible. I mean no ill to actual trolls you understand. It was good to be back in the bunker where I yakked on the phone, ate and fell asleep watching something on TV. No idea what it was at all at this point.

Oh yeah, one of those spambot feckers has infiltrated the blog here and added a comment to the last however many posts. I can't be arsed removing them, there are more than twenty. This is a sign of the times, one of the many that steams my bean.

I intend to try and sort out some more reviews today. Let's see how that pans out...

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