Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A recap from yesterday… the band that opened for Moon Duo was Mugstar. Didn’t one of Busted start a band called something like that?

Two school nights out on the trot… feeling the burn but not in a bad way, it seems almost like I have a life but now I’m back in the box. Rolled into Cabaret Voltaire around 8 and the first of the three band bill was on. I’m about to use some bad language now so if that kind of thing offends you then look away now. Said group, Tiny Robots (maybe Nanobots could take out an injunction?) sound like M*mford and Son. Or is it Sons? I don’t know but I do know that I get the dry boke when I hear them. That was bad enough but then Jesus H Foxx came on. They make a sound like overhearing someone playing haircut 100 on their iPod (would have been a walkman before)several seats down the train. I’m sure they’re nice kids, just keep them the fox away from me.

Neither of these groups complimented the headliners and nor did the horrible 80’s crap that was played during the breaks. I like Dum Dum Girls recent Sub Pop album a lot since hearing it between Trembling Bells and Wooden Shjips at Stereo earlier this year. Missed their Glasgow appearance at the same venue because of the Suicide stramash down south (I think). So here we are finally. A Tuesday night in Auld Reekie, right doon the front in direct proximity to the girlie action.

Under the old (music) business model, DDG would have presented a marketing potential on a Kiss scale. Toys, cartoons, all manner of merch could easily be associated with these girls. I’ve heard gripes and ho hums directed at them that seem to be utterly groundless. The songs are good, they look bloody scrumdiddeleyumptious and they can deliver live. What’s not to dig?

Whereas the record sounds very authentic to the C86 ethic, the live thing is faster and louder. It benefits greatly from the drums not sounding like a rhythm machine. The Richard Gottehrer production reminded me to look out The Prissteens “Scandal, Controversy and Romance” which was the classic girl group concept applied to yer more basic NY rock attack. If you don’t know that album then you’re missing a real brammer. DDG rattled though their set from a brooding slow burn “Play With Fire” and much of the “I Will Be” material. Under any justice system “Jail La La” should be a hit. The band is opening for MGMT on their UK tour in September.

I’m wondering if the three or more band bill should constitute festival status. In real terms these things do nobody any good. If an act has an hour’s worth of material then sure, have an opener but treat it like a cool double bill at the pictures.

I’m aware that it’s muchly about breaking even but let’s inject some decorum shall we. Let’s take the rather fabulous Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby franchise as an example. They don’t need no opening act. They could play anybody off the park in the world cup of outright entertainment. Like a two person E-street band. Having anyone else involved impedes what they do. Call me old-fashioned, and I am, but that travesty last night was the straw that broke this particular camel’s humph. No wonder every fucker is in various stages of ADD. It's about quality, not quantity and the former has sod all to do with being able to cajole all your herbert pals along.

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murray said...

Eric and Amy are different though, they are like 3 bands. You get an Eric set, an Amy set and an Eric and Amy set - all at the same time (sometimes all in the one song).

3 bands playing 30 minutes each is ideal in my book and I dont even mind if the other bands arent musically similar (but on tuesday it would have helped if they'd actually had any redeeming features), the real trouble with early gigs is no-one see's the first band playing anyway which can leave everyone short changed.

It was a good gig but it felt flat between songs when it should have been stepping up, more like a great practice in front of an audience, dunno if they were jet lagged or something. Theres a distinct lack of bass in the cabaret voltaire (as in the lower sound frequency rather than the instrument) which if you're not right in front of the band (and I was only a few steps back from yourself) it becomes a problem. Or maybe I'm just going deaf ?

Minor gripes though. One of the guys I was speaking to was taping it, it'll be interesting to hear again.