Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There goes June and with it the summer. Dark clouds are gathering and we’re expecting a bid daud of rain tomorrow. The old “the nights are fair drawing in” can be resurrected too because it’s a good week now since the longest day. Not to be confused with most days during a working week. However, looking back over 2010 thus far – things haven’t been too bad so I shouldn’t mump too much. Maybe I’m actually smiling somewhere deep inside. Ha ha.

My listening habits have been hijacked by this Ben Vaughn tribute to Philly legend, Jerry (The Geator) Blavat. Two hours of solid gold that'll knock you the heck out. If it doesnae then you must have already been pronounced deid. Coming your way on WXPN this impending weekend.

There are plans and schemes afoot that require my concentration/attention and this means that blogland draws the short straw. Make the best of this weather where you can head outside, you'll be back to being cooped up soon enough.

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angel corpus christi said...

yes, i thought i saw an autumn shadow yesterday! yikes. almost started bawling like a baby. baw!!!!!!