Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reading more about this Mojo (Kerrang! and Q) kerfuffle, perhaps there’s some way for a new publication to come together that might make it a priority to look out for the IP of the contributors. Those who populate the blank pages to make it worthy of buying or even just reading. The latest issue with the Waitsy cover is a bit of a stinker, all topped off by a thumbnail review of The Fleshtones Raven comp that is, in my view, written by a philistine. I don't reconise the name of the person.

Still, here is another example of something that is very successful – influential and authoritative even – being sniffed out because of corporate greed. Good music writing is a dying art as I’ve said before. It relies on cut and paste skills and inherent ability not to provide an opinion. While I might not have much time for what’s been in Mojo of late (I never see the other two), I certainly wouldn’t want to hear of its demise. I imagine that Bauer’s most bankable titles may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness as a result of all this.

I’ve turned down “paid” work in recent times because I’d rather that individuals who do this thing to make a living got the gig. It’s flattering to be asked and am under no illusions of possessing any such skills. Anything I do outside of this blighter now is done for the love and appreciation of the subject. I think Brother Joss is the same? All the goalposts have changed since the dawn of the interweb and ownership seems to be the drug of choice for the bean counters in board rooms that come up with this kind of rampant theft.

More power to those who haven’t just signed their livelihoods away.

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