Monday, May 17, 2010

"Elvis Elvis" is a seven song celebration of The King that comes courtesy of Angel Corpus Christi. It’s an ambient, quasi-Badalamenti take on the Presley oeuvre and I can pretty much guarantee that you haven’t heard these songs like this before. Aficionados of David Lynch soundtracks should dive right in because the atmos is just the way you like it, tweaked rather than twisted.

The way this all came together is something of a departure from the normal ACC way of working, there are many more instruments and the accordion isn’t so pronounced. It’s a little disorienting in that respect. “Teddy Bear” (you’ve already seen the video – right?) is nothing short of breath-taking. With its torchy, trip-hoppy doo-wop-a-bop pacing, it’s a little Lola Dutronic in construction. Man, it’s great to have her back on the airwaves. “Don’t” has a spare, red-room, after midnight jazz feel. I think this would be Dale Cooper’s favourite cut. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” reminds me of Berlin transposed to some Parisian after hours joint.

A perfectly formed little number resplendent in a nifty Bob Basile slipcase, available now from CD Baby and all the download culprits.


Patrick said...

Thanx for the head up, L-man
This link works better

Lindsay Hutton said...

The ever-vigilant Brother P is spot-on. The link has been duly updated.