Sunday, February 21, 2010

It’s a melancholy time following Doug Fieger’s exit from the theatre but the power pop torch still burns braw and bricht. There’s no finer example than this upcoming 7” single from Suzy & Los Quattro and The Rubinoos taking on The Raspberries “Play On” and The Sweet’s “Fox On The Run”. Straddling two generations of titanic “teen” pop collide to bring you the listening equivalent of how space rocks used to go off in your mouth. Elements of The Who and T. Rex bleed into the crunch re-energised for these largely anthem-deficient times. Two ace acts come together for your considerable listening pleasure and a finite example of why everyone should be smitten with these Barcelona-based champions.

Soon as I get a link to where you can hear it, I’ll hook you up. It’ll be available in digital format too but you’ll want to get your paws on the vinyl. That will definitely be available from the illustrious Soundflat in Germany but I’ll let you know where else as soon as I do.

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