Monday, January 25, 2010

“ROBERT BURNS”. When I see or hear the name, I recall the great Chris Gaffney enunciating it in his approximation of a Scottish brogue. In a coincidence, I heard Dave Alvin’s amazing version of Artesia from the tribute album this morning and that brought Chris to mind again. Yesterday morning, a presenter on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Greetings Programme” offered the info that Dave and the Guilty Men were his favourite act of all time. Not the kind of thing I’m used to hearing just prior to 8am on a Sabbath but quite an inspiring statement.

So that brings me to the Burns day hoopla. Scotland’s national bard and all that. In actual fact, my opinion of his work is somewhat akin to my non-appreciation of The Beatles. It was spotty at best. This isn’t helped by interpretations by people like Eddie Reeder. Recitations will be made all over the daftest wee country in the world and beyond today. Much haggis, neeps and the odd tattie will be consumed, all washed down with the singin’ ginger and then tomorrow it’ll be 364 days until the next such stramash.

In my opinion, both Chris and Dave are greater poets than the Rabster will ever be. You’re entitled to disagree but that won’t alter my worldview.

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brogues said...

haha..."singin' ginger" is a great expression!