Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's always nice to start the day in an encounter with some freezing fog. It really sets you up. Especially when you're out of sorts anyway. Throw in a little black ice (not an AC/DC album ref) and well, the practice of hibernation is a very attractive proposition. I think I’m succumbing to the phobia that precludes a person from leaving the house. There are a litany of reasons that I use to convince myself not to cross the doorstep.

It’s probably an age thing.

There’s Haiti and signs that the UK economy is even more fucked than originally thought but the big news is that SuBo, despite being the biggest seller of the past year (er, few weeks) – has been snubbed by The Brits. As far as I can tell that’s not rhyming slang but go ahead and fill your boots if you can get a chuckle or three.

This sceptic isle is gripped by terminal idiocy and not the positive kind. I’m not in too great a mood tonight. Maybe you noticed that.

In the grand tradition of indecision, I can’t make up my mind whether or not to transfer this blogger template to the updated version or not. I’m a little (or actually, a lot) apprehensive about it not retaining certain aspects of order. I mean, nothing is actually broken and there’s no real need to change it. This version does what it does. If I had any semblance of patience or indeed faith then I’d maybe just take the leap but being low on both of these commodities means - a lot of humming and hawing takes place. Eventually settling for the agreeable “leave it as is”, is there really anything wrong with the way it is?

Time to let some music play.

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