Sunday, January 17, 2010

I got really pissed off dodging crusties and their flying beer at the Soul Shack last night so when I woke up this morning I decided it was about time I put together a long planned MP3 comp of early Graham Bond Organisation tracks. It runs for 30 minutes and includes material recorded between 1963-1966 for Parlophone, Decca, Columbia and Reaction. I was going to call it "Junk Bond" but "Gold Bond" is more respectful to the great man. Enjoy.

01 Wade In The Water - The Graham Bond Quartet
02 I Saw Her Standing There - Duffy Power with The Graham Bond Quartet
03 Long Tall Sally - The Graham Bond Organisation
04 High Heel Sneakers - The Graham Bond Organisation
05 Strut Around - The Graham Bond Organisation
06 Little Girl - The Graham Bond Organisation
07 Harmonica - The Graham Bond Organisation
08 Hoochie Coochie Man - The Graham Bond Organisation
09 St James Infirmary - The Graham Bond Organisation
10 Soul Tango - The Graham Bond Organisation
11 Waltz For A Pig - The Graham Bond Organisation

Tracks 1-2 (Parlophone); Tracks 3-8 (Decca); Tracks 9-10 (Columbia); Track 11 (Reaction).

Download "Gold Bond" from and then go sell your Cream records.


Revolution_vanderbilt said...

Hey, love the Graham Bond Comp!

What album does the Wade In The Water track come from? I've never heard this version before!


Lindsay Hutton said...

From Mr Coleman...

The track is lifted from the Rhythm & Blues at Abbey Road (1963-1967) CD. The Graham Bond Quartet (not Organisation) cut it in 1963 around the period they were working with Duffy Power. They backed Duffy on a great version of "I Saw Her Standing There" and which is also on the same CD. This version of "Wade In The Water" is previously unissued.

Revolution_vanderbilt said...

Thanks for the info, but now I fear I have another question. I've read this track credited to the Graham Bond Trio (!) and also that it appeared on BLUES NOW, a Decca compilation from 1965. That said, the information you've given me is the most reliable information so far, so thank you, and thank you for the tracks too! I stumbled here looking for Hi-Heeled Sneakers, which I've been looking for over a year now! I bought the single CD issue of the first two GBO albums, and regret it now, with the new remasters and bonus tracks, but I am glad to now have all these songs in top quality! I shant be junking my Cream CDs, but I do have my GBO set displayed right alongside them!

Arturo said...

This has made my week, even my month. I've been looking for this recordings for a long time. Especially these versions of "Wade in the Water" & "Hoochie Coochie Man".

Thanks a lot!!!

Now, if I could find the tracks with Ernest Ranglin... hehehe

Lindsay Hutton said...

They must be out there someplace... cheers. I'll pass your message on to Mr Coleman.