Monday, December 21, 2009

A task I’ve set myself over the break is to get rid of a heap of accumulated paper. That includes music and other types of culture press, press releases and promo pictures. Remember those? Before there were jpegs there were 8 x 10’s (and other sizes), well I’m going to be going through huge piles of them. Planning to be ruthless on what will be kept too.

It’s a very distracting job and time consuming too. Correspondence from across the years is interesting but it’s no longer possible to keep it all. It’ll provide a strange journey from now into January I’m sure. As will revisiting records and maybe thinning out the CD shelves too. You can’t take ‘em with you after all and who would want to.

Right now I’m surrounded by landfill in one form or another. I do plan to shred much of the paper into packing and will be as environmentally friendly with the disposal of the other stuff as is possible. At certain points over the course of today I’ve thought about just clearing it all as quickly as possible but deep down I’m not capable.

Wish me luck...

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