Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A seasonal message from Sir T. Phobic...

Amigos, Take one gig into the bathroom? - bugger that - This Saturday Me and Moyni will be plying our dubious talents at two gigs within 2 hours.

First off, we will be at The Lord Hood in Greenwich for the esteemed Modern Love Xmas bash at 8 30pm in a no star line up including Danny and Max(Cherry Reds/Wheelers) Andy from Modern Love. We aim to give a severe kicking to such faves as "I live for Speed, Sonic Reducer, Chinese Rocks and No Fun and festive cheer will be represented by ham fisted versions of sleighride and a merry jingle.

Before the applause and amps cool down, me and the moynster will be hot footing it to the 12 Bar in Denmark Street for a 10pm Phobics set. It's our last gig for 2009 so grab the chance to see us before santa gets his yule log out. Anyone going to both gigs will be presented with a free festive pint so what have you got to lose except your sobriety?

Come on down and see the ghosts of christmas p*st, you know it makes sense!


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