Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I spent much of today compiling a list of 78RPM records. Primarily to send to a friend in Spain that provides a home to waifs and strays of the shellac variety. The remainder will be found a berth where they’ll be used and won’t stay on a shelf year in, year out. On closer inspection of some, they’re cracked, broken and in bad shape. I should have checked them before but I was more interested in saving them from being thrown in a skip. Thing is that some of them should have been.

I’m learning about the pragmatic nature of being able to let stuff go. I seem to be good enough at it where people are concerned but “stuff”... being a pack rat is an illness. But I’m doing what I can to get better. After my dental hygienist appointment tomorrow morning, there’s a whole lot of other recycling gonna be going on of the old music paper variety. I’ve promised myself that a few pounds of clutter will be lost over these holidays and well, it shall be done.

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