Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just realised that this is next weekend so you'll need some kinda notice...

That makes the Dolls show a week on Thursday!?

Methinks somebody drilled a series of holes in my time bucket.


Benjamin said...

"Methinks somebody drilled a series of holes in my time bucket."

Speedholes, man...speedholes.

Lindsay Hutton said...

I'm not sure that's appropriate language for this time of the day. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention, for the folk that are fast there'll be a free cd at the Henrys gig with live tracks from last years sexual objexts/subway sect gig at the citrus and live recordings from this year from the world famous Shock And Awe, Bum-Clocks and Sellotape - Vic Godard will be doing a song with Shock and Awe, and probably doing a never performed before song (if we get a practice - or maybe even if we dont!) someone you were speaking to at the Penetration gig .... Robert King

Vic and the objects also play stereo in glasgow the next night with Flesh first on

Teenage Bobby Awe