Friday, November 13, 2009

I’m gonna get a couple of gripes out of the ol’ system and then it’s on to the music or whatever. It’s a nice afternoon, I’ve got my errands done and things are generally fine. I was going to keep it zipped about these YouTube Stooges clips but I’ve had at least two dozen e-mails from individuals raving about how great they are. I disagree so you’ll just have to bear with me on this. It’s not outright horrible but Iggy irritates me now to the point where I can’t watch him. I agree wholeheartedly about the choice of material and it just makes me wish that the regrouping hadn’t been compartmentalised into “acts”.

Imagine if Ron and James could have worked through any differences? And been together on stage to wrangle all the songs?? So that’s my opinion. Based on this, there’ll be a space in the standing area of the ‘Smif Odeon on May 2nd after Suicide is done. Of course, watching a clip is no substitute for being at a show so I’m perfectly prepared to be blown away given that expectations are low. I am looking forward to the occasion that will bring so many of us together, that’s the important part of all this for my tuppence worth.

If you haven’t seen what I’m on about then there’s an assortment here. Make up your own mind. My other bugbear is “the mobile phone”.

Not knowing your mobile phone number is considered as retarded in most quarters these days. I know because when asked for mine, I have to look in the phonebook. I only use it if I absolutely have to. It isn’t switched on unless I’m expecting or have to make a call. Sometimes I turn it on to find a voice message or text from two weeks ago. Everywhere else, (nearly) everyone – young and old – are welded to these fucking things. Staring at the screens on their portals. Packs of ‘em walking down the street, all having individual conversations. Is that progress? Not on my telly. No. But other than that things are pretty loose.


Anonymous said...

Ach, theres little point in imagining, this is the only Iggy and the Stooges we have left to see.

Have you heard the Ron and James tracks on the 1971 box ? Great stuff when you're in the mood for a good old racket. Vocals are pretty indescipherable throughout, but the guitars are all there for you to try and figure out who's doing what.

do people that know their own mobile numbers know it because they phone themselves ? Send me a text, I usually check it once a day - if its really urgent, then send me a text the day before you want me to read it, just to be sure ....


Lindsay Hutton said...

A good old racket would be grand, who's doing what isn't important. This is a different kind of racket but you're right, like Jacko said - This is it.

I've no conception of moby culture other than the fact that my ability to text is limited. At best.