Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to deal with some random stuff here...

I know some of you are sick to death of hearing about The Stooges but this is a great piece. Thanks to Tom and Randy for bringing it to my attention.

They may be bringing the beat to Europe but those kids at Norton checked in with this...

Greetings, Nortonians!

New Fall releases are almost upon us!

Covers for all the new loot n' booty at

Do not miss this news.. our biggest motherlode to date! We are super glad to announce some of the coolest sounds ever set to wax, all from KIM FOWLEY's cranium! Dig a double dose of his rarest and earliest tracks with ONE MAN'S GARBAGE and its bookend ANOTHER MAN'S GOLD, a killer pair (LP AND CD) that will whack you upside the noggin in case you've been dozing and have forgotten to write Kim a letter lately. Do it!

We've got three volumes on LP and CD of SUN RA's early Chicago-era vocal group recordings, including a mess of unished mayhem and an entire set of Muck Muck YOCHANAN and other delights. Copious notes from Arkesta trapsman Michael D. Anderson and the Norton crew, fastidious transfers and mastering, and beauteous packages make these an essential trio for all.

Dig also a superb seven inch spoken word 45 RPM single of Sun Ra!

Kids, the TANDOORI KNIGHTS, the hot n' spicy new stars from Canada have joined the roster, too. Pick up their 45, and also the hitbound JACKIE AND THE CEDRICS 45 Tall Dark Stranger and the A-BONES historically correct Shallow Grave!

Big Big news is that Norton is home to two of our favorite albums ever by our beloved FLAMIN' GROOVIES! Yes, the bigwigs at Sony/BMG have licensed FLAMINGO and TEENAGE HEAD to Norton for footlong release! Hell has frozen over (what, again)! Check the fans attack circa 1978 kicks at! So if you're still wedged into your chair, please take a moment to take a sip of that Diet Coke on the coffee table because we have more news!

KICKS BOOKS has announced a paperback line with the first one due with our wax stacks! See it at at and check back for the whole ballyhoo, up by Monday Oct 5... it's called SWEETS by Andre Williams and it will blow a hole in your gourd, to put it sedately. So, now have we left anything out? Halloween shoppers at the WFMU fair, and ye in the hinterlands, ought to pick up goodie bag essentials like the new adhesive back iron-on patches (yes, we will have an ironing board at the WFMU fair to iron a patch where you need it. We can also iron your hair and unwarp your wax wares.)

And if you need an official Norton Records bag for ya goodies ("Buy 'Em By The Sack!"), pick up the boss new Norton Records canvas LP totes - two styles so people know who they're dealing with when you ring their doorbell and demand Snickers and Mentos. Dig order info and more ballyhoos and know that ship date is Nov. 3 for all the bash-ola that previews at the WFMU fair! Ready now? A-one, a-two... GO TAKE A SNEAK PEEK NOW

soon on the website, too.

Chuck Berry, with support from The Jim Jones Revue, at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on November 23rd. And just £45 + booking fee per ticket. He's having a fucking laugh but not at my expense. Unless of course, The Skeletons are his backing combo. Then I'll pay.

Actually there's more and I can't find it. My desktop is like the bottom of the proverbial budgie's cage. Thanks for your continued support of this disarray.

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