Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So here's the story. I had too much fun for the past few days and need time to assimilate whether it actually happened or not. In addition, my gregs got gubbed so this spare pair isn't exactly doing it for the ability to stare at a screen for too long. Not sure if it'll be two or three parts plus I'm waiting on pix and need to collect a lot of links so this could take some time. So while this is all coming together, let me share the majesty of Baby Dynamite with you.

I heard them on Morten YumYum's i-POD on Gran Via while they were waiting for the van. Top gear, I think you'll agree.

On top of a seriously grand spell out of the country, this month will be our biggest in terms of "viewers" ever. By a long chalk. I've no idea how or why but that's not important just so long as we be undermining the relentless grind of reality for a moment or three.

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