Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Souvenirs – Little Gems of Pop" is the latest release on "Wall of Noise", a division of the Sound Asleep imprint and I haven’t heard such an effin’ effervescent collection of prime power pop in a long time. Pound for pound this pounds any overpriced retread into the dirt. I’m not saying this couldn’t have happened without those exponents, i’m just telling you that – in my opinion – this is better.

In addition to their being 21 great tunes on this bay, it’s also dedicated to the memory of our pal – Lennart Persson and also Duane Jarvis. I haven’t heard Flying Color or Manual Scan in forever and this reminds me how good they were. I’d never heard Choo Choo Train or The Explosives before at all and that’s been my loss. “A Girl like You” by the latter might be my sprightliest discovery since The Shivvers “Teenline”. The original version of “Not The Trembling Kind” by The Decoys is also here, the little number that would eventually be tackled by Ms Laura Cantrell. Todd Newman & The Leatherwoods “To Win You Back” is very “Too Busy Thinking ‘bout My Baby”-like and none the worse for it.

If you need something that’ll hit the spot like Dwight Twilley, Phil Seymour , The Shoes or top-flight Teenage Fanclub then this baby is a must have. Good to hear Philly greats, The Wishniaks again too (Shout out to Mr Snyder!). Whoever curated this deserves a commendation... Jerker – This means you! Bruce Bodeen’s liners are excellent too. The whole thing has put me in the mood to dig out my Guadalcanal Diary albums. That’s what cool music should do, make you feel like you don’t want it to stop. These little gems are right bobby dazzlers! This is a limited edition so don’t hang about.

On the subject of LP, in the Swedish town of Umeå – there’s a monthly happening by the name of Klubb Lennart. It pays tribute to the fine, fine music that the man wrote about and dug, a very worthy undertaking to be sure. The next instalment will include a very cool dj who I’m not at liberty to divulge, incase it’s meant to be a secret.

It’ll be an excellent night though, you can be sure of that!

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