Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was talking to Kaptain Krunch last night and he told me that I had to watch “Later”. The sequence in question was a performance by a group who recently professed an interest in penning a Bond theme, an act that had Mr Thewlis apoplectic earlier in the week. The whys and wherefores of that particular angle won’t impinge on my world at all. After all what could possibly follow that Jack White/Alicia Keys atrocity better?

I watched aghast for as long as I could take as these utter numpties trawled through something that sounded a little close to call like a certain well known theme tune by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I’d be interested to see the publishing credit on that if I could stomach looking at a cd jacket. But the piece de resistance was the final number that surely trod on the “Queen” brand template with a little Yorke thrown in to snag all the lovers of what has killed music stone dead this past few years. There are other similarly heinous perp's doing the rounds - you probably have your own particular "favourite" for the high jump come the revolution. Or at least something. All the talk about dinosaurs during the punk wars? Selective memory or what??

Caterwauling Florence (or Horace as the Kaptain calls “her”) and her machine were on too. But don’t worry folks, I fast forwarded through. No real lasting damage was done as far as I can tell. But like damp cold, this stuff is insidious. It gets to your bones. Those bloody gears of what used to be a rockin' machine. There's plenty of WD40 out there, it just takes a little effort to find.

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