Thursday, July 09, 2009

Brother Patrick caught the Oblivians/Gories double header in Paris the other night...

"La Maroquinerie has a capacity of 500 which made it the perfect place for The Gories and The Oblivians in Paris. It was completely sold out with a very mixed audience. It included old people like me who already saw both groups in the 90’s (Gories:1992/Oblivians:1995 & 1997) and younger people with excellent taste like Vox, Marie and my son Jonathan.

Most people seemed to have come out for The Gories and others, like me were here to see both combos. The Oblivians were first up to the plate.

In a recent Dig It! interview, Jack told me that they were so excited to play that every show will have a different set list. And it was true! It was completely different from Detroit and it included the seldom heard “Bum A Ride”. During the first 2/3rd, Jack played drums and then swapped places with Greg for more Oblivesque blues songs. Eric sang too, mainly his hardcore-ramone-esque love songs (!) like “She’s A Hole” or Jim Cole” (who got too much soul, I can’t stand it, ha ha). They were almost as great as they were in the old days. It would have been great if they’d played “Never Change” or “Vietnam War Blues” but we can’t have it all ways.

The Gories set was different from Detroit too. They opened with (my fave) “Baby Say Unh” and ploughed through a trove of classics like “You Little Nothing”, The Motions “Everything (That’s Mine)” and Leaving here" by Jimmy Hannah. Mick Collins did his Hendrix shtick during “Ghostrider and the feedback bled into the remainder of the show. He was great, but in my opinion - Peg and Danny really made things fly. Two encores ended with a singalong - “Hey Hey We’re The Gories”.

Time then for a beer (the place was hot) and meeting great people like Isabelle Chelley and her husband Thierry. She kindly gave me a copy of her new book and dedicated it with a very appropriate “Cramps” message. Then it was time to go say hi to the bands.

I asked Danny when the new Gories album will be released? “in your dreams” he answered. He also told me that a single by his new band, the Readies will come out soon on the Cass imprint.

A fun night? You betcha!!"

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Nice review, Brother Patrick!