Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The A-Bones and The Riverdales new albums are released today and it's Bastille Day where Brother Patrick resides... unlikely I'll be back posting here prior to the show later. look forward to hearing both of those though! Got some e-mail and other stuff to partake of. Catch you on that flipside. End of message.


Patrick said...

Yep Lindsay,
Bastille / Revolution day today (another day off).
A lot of planes turning so I listen to Dean & Britta(Black Numbers) with the headphones. Thanx for the reminder of A-Bones album being issued today too.

Christopher said...

Do you know why they call it "Bastille Day"? Because it was made from the bas stille you could find!

Patrick said...

The Bastille prison was the symbol.
The Parisians dethroned the king on that day : July 14th

I'm gonna cut your head off, like sang Hasil Adkins (more my cup of tea than historical stuff)

Benjamin said...

Def going to order the A-Bones on Friday (payday) - but, lp or cd?? And maybe another album or two from the good folks of Norton. Any recs? I got the Mad Mike lps already.

Patrick said...

Hey Ben

Buy any Charlie Feathers (or Dean & Britta - not on Norton)

Lindsay Hutton said...

Chris, I keep expecting you to be booked for the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. What gives? Why you holding out??